Our customers frequently asked questions

Is this software compatible with windows 7 and 8 ?

This software is compatible with all windows operating systems starting from windows 95 till windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8


How many patients maximum could be saved in this database ?

In the final copy of this software the user can save unlimited number of patients in the database but the program is going to be slower in generating reports and searching after about 10000 records, So, we advise the user to delete any old neglected patients in order not to overcrowd the database with non-important records.


What are the most suitable medical specialties for this software ?

This software is designed to be suitable for all medical specialties to serve a wide base of medical doctors all over the world.
As examples for these medical specialties :
Dentists - Pediatric field - Internal medicine field - Surgery field - Dermatology, sexology and Andrology fields - Gynecology and Obstetrics fields - Liver and G.I.T. fields - Ophthalmology field - E.N.T. field - G.P. doctors - Chest and heart fields - U.T. field - Neurology field - ... etc.


Can I backup my patients' data to a safe place and restore it later ?

Yes, you can backup all patients' records in the program databases to a safe drive on your hard disk or a flash memory disk. The user define that safe drive and clicks a button to backup and later clicks another button to restore this data if lost for any reason.


Shall I face any difficulty during this software setup on my computer ?

One of our software advantages that it needs no setup. Just download it from our web site and decompress the file using any decompression software you have and run it directly without any setup process.


Is there a necessary to preload ms excel or access on my computer to run this software ?

Our software needs no other software to run correctly. It works alone as a particular unit software.


Is this medical software supports wire or wireless network to connect two or more computers together ?

Our software runs locally on one computer and does not support any type of networks.
Netwrok settings need a technical individual of our technical support teamwork to adjust these settings in the software-user place. And our company does not produce this service.


Is there a guarantee for this medical software against technical problems may appear later on ?

Our company offers 6 months completely free guarantee for the EasyClinic™ medical software starts since the purchase process. Any technical error faces the software-user within this period must be solved by our technical support teamwork within 48 hours maximum for free.


System Requirements :

RAM 512 or more
Resolution 800 x 600 or more
Free space on hard disk 20 Mb
Compatible with all operating systems : Windows Xp - Vista - Windows 7
and 8
No setup