Medical sheet departments

Personal Data Page

Includes the following personal data :

Patient's personal photo, Patient's name, code, sex, blood group, age/birth date, address, telephone numbers, occupation, religion and special habits.


Clinical Data Page

Includes the following clinical data :

Patient's past social, family and medical history.
Patient's vaccination and immunization history.
Patient's main complaint, examination, investigations, initial and final diagnosis for his/her medical case.
Illustrative Medical diagrams and charts.


Imaging Data Page

Here the doctor can save maximum 4 medical photos for each patient and writing his comment for every photo.
These photos may include :  X ray photo - MRI photo - CT photo - ... etc.


Operative Data Page

Here the doctor can save the past surgical history for the patient including :

Date and time of operation, Type and place of operation, Operative findings, procedures, complications and any other comments.


Treatment Data Page

Here the doctor can write prescriptions for his patient with maximum 10 drugs in every prescription.
Each prescription is defined by a date and including 10 drugs maximum with their doses or methods of administration.
The prescriptions could be printed out on paper with the doctor's personal data including :  Doctor's name and specialty - Work time - Clinic address and phones.


Follow Up Data Page

Here the doctor can write satisfied and non-satisfied follow up data results for the patient. Each page is defined by a date.
Also the doctor can write any other follow up comments in this page.


Finance Data Page

Here the doctor can create a financial account for the patient including :

Date of deal, service produced for this patient, service cost, money paid by the patient and the debt if found.


There is a complete help guide in the software to explain all its departments and how to use it easily. You can open this help guide by clicking on the question mark button in the main software screen :